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Name: Wyndi
Location: New Jersey
Age: 15
School:Arts High
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**Favorite Pinks**
Favorite Pink clothing item: pink ladies jacket and shirt
Favorite Pink lip gloss: any
Favorite Pink nailpolish: all pink color but no hot pink really sometimes it's to bright.
Favorite Pink shoes: my chucks

**Other favorites**
Favorite Store: gap
Favorite Designer: there's to many. i like them all
Favorite piece of jewelry: theis old jewelry shop my mom has been going to for years
Favorite city: london
Favorite place in the world: europe/ martha's vineyard
Favorite food: pasta
Favorite candy: i don't have one i like them all
Favorite subject: math and art
Favorite Make-Up Brand: whatever i like
Favorite TV Show(s): law and order (all) charmed america's next top model
Favorite Singer(s): Vanessa Carlton Mary J.
Favorite Actor/Actress: Tom hanks, Drew, Lindsay Lohan etc.

What are your views on...

New York: I like one big walk in picture where you can shop
Shopping: love it
Louis Vuitton: um need one
Beach: hot and fun
Gossip: oOo (the books Gossip girls are great)
Paris Hilton: Pretty
Jessica Simpson: great singer but a bit sloowww.
Boys: don't get me started i could do on forever
Swim Suits:

Name one person...

Whose fashion you admire: my friend kris and cousins
Who is your role model:i really can't say because i look up to many people.
Who you wish you could be: no one really

If you could change one thing, what would you change? (Left for ones
interpretation)I would change the fact that we went to war along with some other selfish stuff.
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