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Name:  Megan
Location:  Pennsylvania
Age:  20
School:  John Carroll University
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**Favorite Pinks**
Favorite Pink clothing item:  my banana republic cocktail dress
Favorite Pink lip gloss: Chanel Rouge Double Intensete in Tourmaline
Favorite Pink nailpolish: Hard Candy Flash
Favorite Pink shoes:  Nina Slingbacks
**Other favorites**
Favorite Store:  Saks Fifth Avenue; J.Crew; Banana Republic; Urban Outfitters; Neiman Marcus
Favorite Designer:  Marc Jacobs; Max Azria
Favorite piece of jewelry: oooh my new Tiffany's bracelet  (I<3my bf)
Favorite city:  Boston/Paris
Favorite place in the world:  a beach on a sunny day 
Favorite food:  souvlaki
Favorite candy:  chocolate covered cherries
Favorite subject:  political science
Favorite Make-Up Brand:  estee lauder and chanel
Favorite TV Show(s):  The OC; Daily Show; The Sopranos
Favorite Singer(s): Bob Dylan; Phish; Belle and Sebastian
Favorite Actor/Actress:  Gwenyth Paltrow; Gael García Bernal

What are your views on..

New York:  I love the city and try to spend at least a few weekends a year there ( I have family there) but I don't think I could live there and actually hold a steady job/get through college-I would always want to be going out:)
Shopping:  RETAIL THERAPY is the answer for everything. . . even bad hair days
Louis Vuitton:  Eh.  It's overdone.  My mom has a few, but I never really liked them before they became uber popular and there are so many other bags I like more. . .
Beach:  I spent my childhood at the Jersey shore and now I'm a lifeguard on Lake Erie. . . without a doubt my favorite place in the whole wide world will usually involve sand and a shoreline
Gossip:  Personal gossip?  It's usually hurtful and I try to avoid involving myself in it, although we all know that's next to impossible. . . but I'd prefer to look on the brighter side of people.  As for Celebrity gossip:  it's a guilty pleasure, but after hearing about Brad and Jen's breakup for the fourth time on national news I get pretty sick of that.
Paris Hilton: She's cute.  She's rich.  She parties ALOT.  I really like her style. . .but I'm not a big fan of how much attention she gets for being rich and pretty. . .
Jessica Simpson:  People can call her dumb a million times over, but how much money did she make acting stupid for the cameras?  Between her INCREDIBLE voice and the fact that she is one of very few famous women today who love their bodies curves and all, I think Jessica Simpson is just fabulous.  I'd pay attention to her 'gossip' before I even batted an eye at Paris Hilton.
Boys:  I like em:)  I especially love one in particular and miss him dearly (he's working with UNICEF abroad right now)
Swim Suits:  Swimmer, lifeguard, beach bum--if it's 70* and sunny I am probably wearing one:)  I prefer the boycut bottoms with triangle tops. . . if thats what you're inferring

Name one person...

Whose fashion you admire:  Sarah Jessica Parker
Who is your role model:  my mom
Who you wish you could be:  myself.  my crazy minded, non conformist, uber liberal, bitchy self. . .orrr if you want a less meaningful answer. . . Sandra Day OConnor, she is everything I want to be someday

If you could change one thing, what would you change? (Left for ones

I would change the fact that I'm stuck at home sick as a dog on my birthday when I should be out having the time of my life with my friends. . . because even if we do celebrate next week, this still sucks:(

Picture time*

Please post ATLEAST two picture of you in pink(if you have one), and other picture(s) you like. Thanks!
<img src=""/ >

(i'm in the middle in the pink)

<img src=""/>


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