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Name: Bridget
Location: Ma
Age: 15
School: MHS (mansfield high school.
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**Favorite Pinks**
Favorite Pink clothing item: pink shirt (shown in pics)
Favorite Pink lip gloss: pink rasperry lip gloss (smackers)
Favorite Pink nailpolish: any pink nailpolish is awesome!
Favorite Pink shoes: my pink phat pharms

**Other favorites**
Favorite Store:
Favorite Designer: tommy
Favorite piece of jewelry:  my pink ring...
Favorite city: Boston
Favorite place in the world: my room
Favorite food: pasta
Favorite candy: sweet tarts, or peanut butter M&Ms
Favorite subject: chem
Favorite Make-Up Brand: so many choices.... hmmm
Favorite TV Show(s):  Road Rules, Real World, One Tree Hill and more...
Favorite Singer(s): Ashlee Simpson, lloyd Banks,  TuPac, and many more
Favorite Actor/Actress: Paul Walker

What are your views on...

New York: Love the city and its an awesome place to shop but i hate the baseball team!
Shopping: i love shopping its awesome!
Louis Vuitton: gotta love it!
Beach: oh man i love the beach, sept i gotta say im not a big fan of sand, i liek it but when it sticks to you, that makes me mad.
Gossip: it cant be avoided, everyone does it even without knowing it
Paris Hilton: shes pretty, and i love her on the simple life
Jessica Simpson: i dont really like her but i think shes  has a good voice

Boys: i love guys....well some guys. some guys are just assholes though, but then again girls can get that way too i guess?!?!?!
Swim Suits: i prefer bikinis i dnt like one pieces

Name one person...

Whose fashion you admire: my cousin Jens
Who is your role model:
i would have to say my mom
Who you wish you could be: no1, im happy being mee.

If you could change one thing, what would you change? (Left for ones
my temper, sometimes i get mad at people easily and i dont like it. :'(

Picture time*

sorry my computers messed up right now and thats the only pic i can post now, but if u need more ill be happy to attempt to add them later!

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